The Consultant

Morgen’s consultancy work has two strands.  One reflects his strengths as a writer and the other his strengths as a teacher.  Both strands reflect his significant talents as a mentor.


From ghost-writing to advising on publication, Morgen’s skills and experience can help authors bring their ideas to fruition.

If you have ideas that you would like crafted into a full length book or an article, Morgen is adept at bringing people’s ideas into written form while preserving the ‘voice’ of the original creator. Equally, Morgen has helped numerous people to write their own books/articles by providing help and guidance at all stages of the process, from formulating the project to final editing.  Over twenty years of experience in this field has taught Morgen that their is no ‘one true way’ to create a book; each person’s experience is different and Morgen’s role as a consultant is to help people through the process with whatever level of help they require.   Contact Morgen for a chat about your project whether big or small.



Morgen helps people to analyse their own organisations more effectively, looking back at where the organisation has come from and how its culture and systems have developed. His role is to assist in the development of strategic thinking and the understanding of strategic options to help organisations navigate their way through complex and uncertain times. He challenges organisations to think about their primary purpose, their core beliefs, their stakeholders and the people they serve, and their values and mission, and then help them to create strategic options around these core principles.

Morgen is not an ordinary teacher or consultant. He doesn’t like PowerPoint or long formal presentations. He does like to see what is happening in organisations – not just sit and talk about it. Values, ideals, beliefs, cultures, myths, facts and fictions: every organisation abounds with these. Helping others to unpick these and make sense of them is what he does. Morgen also works with people who want to communicate their ideas to develop better and more effective communications.