Article Series and Supplements

‘Gurumantra’, a series of articles for The Smart Manager (Bombay), published from 2002 to the present.

European Business Forum, ‘History Lesson’, quarterly article on business history themes, 2002-2008.

‘The Corporate Life Cycle’, daily feature in the Financial Times which appeared throughout August 2004.

‘Management Gurus’, daily feature in the Financial Times which appeared throughout August 2003.

‘Management A-Z’, daily feature in the Financial Times through August 2002.

Financial Times Mastering Management Review, bimonthly column on business history themes, 1998-9.


Individual articles and cases
This list only includes major papers and chapters, and does not include individual newspaper articles, short biographical essays, reviews and the like.

‘The Economics of Corporate Governance’, Pioneers of Financial Economics vol. 2, ed. Geoff Poitras, Macmillan, 2007.

‘The Leaders and the Led: Dyadic Concepts of Leadership’, paper for the Symposium in Honor of John Adair, August 2006.

‘The Organic Organization: Harrington Emerson’s Philosophy of Efficiency’, conference paper to Academy of International Business, De Montfort University, April 2003.

‘From Main Street to Wall Street: Does the Separation of Ownership and Control Really Work?’, Corporate Finance Review, November-December 2001.

‘Corporate Finance and the Virtual Organization’, with M. Warner, Corporate Finance Review, January 2000.

‘The Virtual General Manager’, with M. Warner, Journal of General Management June 1999.

‘The Virtual General Manager’, with M. Warner, Judge Institute of Management Studies (Cambridge University) working paper, 1999.

‘Knowledge Working’, ‘Knowledge, Concept of’ and ‘Knowledge Corporation’, in M. Zeleny (ed.), Handbook of IT/S Management, International Thomson Business Press, 1999.

‘Banking and Finance in Developing Countries’, in M. Warner (ed.) Management in Developing Countries, International Thomson Business Press, 1999.

‘Guanxi and Relationship Management: A Comparison’, paper presented at the Association For International Business Conference, Nanning, China, 1998.

‘Guanxi East and West’, Mastering Management Review, December 1998

‘Futures Studies and Co-Evolutionary Futures’ (with A. Jenkins), in Z. Sardar, Rescuing All Our Futures, Praeger, 1998.

‘General Management Revisited’ (with M. Warner) in Journal of General Management, Spring 1998.

‘Peter Senge’, ‘Charles Handy’ and ‘Luther Gulick’, in M. Warner (ed.) Handbook of Management Thinking, ITBP, 1998.

‘General Management: Back to The Future?’ (with M. Warner), Human Systems Management, Autumn 1997.

‘In Search of Excellence’, with J. Agar, Durham University Business School and DTI (1994).

‘Thomas Coutts and the Rise of Modern Banking’, The Strand, December 1991.

‘The Universities Funding Council competitive bid system: market failure or marketplace failure?’, Public Money and Management, Spring (1991).